With the coming age of electrification – when appliances see the switch from being powered by fossil fuels to electricity – it only makes sense that electric bikes are becoming more desired.

And boy are they ever.

Around 35 million electric bikes were sold in 2016 alone, with 32.8 million of them sold in Asia. It’s only a matter of time before they catch on elsewhere.

They are quickly rising on Amazon seller lists and different brands are emerging all over. That means a bigger market – which equals lower costs for me and you. That’s good news, especially since you came here, which highly suggests that you are in the market for a new electric bike.

You’re in luck because that’s what this post is all about.

We searched for the hottest electric bikes available in 2018 and have put them together for this top 5 list.

Look them over and see which one you prefer, or merely gain a broader knowledge of what you do and don’t like. No matter the case, this list is bound to bring you one step closer to owning your own electric bike.

But first, here’s why you can rely on this list.

Comparison Table

Electric BikesDetailsOverall Ratings
Nakto Electric Bike

Image Source: Amazon

7. Nakto Electric Bike

Built with a carbon steel frame and a rust-proof coating
CS 240 Electric Bike

Image Source: Amazon

6. CS-240 Electric Bike

This electric bike has a luggage storage component on the back, so you can pack extra.
CrossCurrent S Commuter Electric Bike

Image Source: Juicedbikes

5. Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S

Maximum speed of around 28 mph
Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Image Source: Amazon

4. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Has two modes: “e–bike” and “assisted bicycle.”
Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike

Image Source: Ecotric

3. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

Equipped with a 500–watt, lithium–ion 36V battery.
Orkan Folding Electric Bike

Image Source: Gearscoot

2. ORKAN Folding Electric Bike

Built with aerospace grade aluminum.
Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

Image Source: Amazon

1. Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Bike

This electric bike is great for storage because it folds into a smaller size.

For The Electric Bikes On Our List, We Focused On Reviews

Reviews are the most important factors when considering any product.

This is something that takes some people – including me – time to learn after they have many products break after the first month of having them.

It’s a glorious thing to learn that people who use products are so willing to hop online and share their experiences. Without even buying the product, we often have hundreds of testimonies as to how products work in real–life.

That’s incredibly helpful and informative. And it’s why we chose to rely heavily on them for our list.

But that’s not all we looked at. We had to include a couple of other factors in our analysis, like style and cost.

Those are important things for anything we wear of ride – like clothes or cars – and it’s no different for electric bikes.

So, without any more holdups, here are the top 5 electric bikes of 2018.

7. Nakto Electric Bike 

Nakto Electric Bike

Image Source: Amazon

For our first item on our list, we went with the Nakto Electric Bike.

Not only because it had over 4.0–stars on Amazon, but because it had that old–school bike feel that will definitely appeal to lots of people. And that’s why we had to include it on our list.

Here are some more features this electric bike offers:

  • Material: Built with a carbon steel frame and a rustproof coating.
  • Comfortability: Includes shock absorbers and a top of the line cushion to give you the maximum comfort while biking
  • Two Modes: Allows you to freely switch between “Pedal Assist” and “Electric Mode.”
  • Motor System/Speed: Maximum speeds from 18–25 mph and comes with a 6–speed transmission system that you can freely switch between at any moment.
  • Battery: Has a 36V lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 28 miles!
  • Safety: Installed with a “blended braking system” and LED lights to provide for maximum protection while biking
  • Price: Around $$.

6. CS-240 Electric Bike (3 Stars)

CS 240 Electric Bike

Image Source: Amazon

This is a great electric bike for those of you who need an easy way around the city.

Whether you’re going to work or school, church or lunch, the CS–240 is the bike that will make it as easy as possible to get there. However, the reason it doesn’t rank higher on this list is that it comes at a higher price than some of the other commuter bikes.

But that simply means it has a little better quality, and that’s important to a lot of people!

Here’s what else this electric bike has to offer:

  • Three Modes: The three modes include traditional biking in case you want a regular workout!
  • Five Pedal Assistance Modes: Most electric bikes offer only three assistance modes, but the CS-240 has five including a fully automatic mode that goes 10 mph for a completely effortless ride requiring no pedaling.
  • USB Charger: The CS–240 electric bicycle comes prepared with a charger input you can use on the go.
  • Storage: This electric bike has a luggage storage component on the back, so you can pack extra.
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 36V battery that charges in 4–6 hours.
  • Foldable: You can fold this electric bike into a smaller size, meaning you don’t have to worry about your bike getting in the way at work or home.
  • Price: Around $$.

5. Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S

CrossCurrent S Commuter Electric Bike

Image Source: Juicedbikes

This electric bike is probably the staple of all-electric bikes.

The CrossCurrent S looks classy and drives amazingly. Just read the reviews that people have posted who are absolutely in love with their purchase.

But it comes at a hefty price, and that’s one reason why it didn’t rank higher. Check out the features below and see if it’s the right one for you:

  • Speed: Maximum speed of around 28 mph!
  • Battery: Includes a 650–watt, 48V lithium-ion battery.
  • Safety Features: Has a rear rack, fenders, front suspension, thumb throttle, and LCD displays.
  • Brakes: Has high-performance tektro hydraulic disc brakes and 9–speed Shimano drivetrain.
  • Price: Fairly expensive, sitting at about $$$.

4. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Image Source: Amazon

The Ancheer electric bike is one of the best–selling electric bikes on Amazon right now.

And there’s no wonder why.

It has pretty much everything you need for a great mountain bike, but one that will assist you with every pedal and make the trip a whole lot easier.

But it’s also great for just riding around town. Learn more about it below:

  • Material: Made with aluminum framing and an aluminum 26–inch wheel. It also has shock absorption to lessen any hard impact moments you experience on your commute or workout.
  • Battery: It comes with a lithium-ion 36V battery that has enough power to get you up to 15 mph.
  • Two Modes: Has two modes: “e-bike” and “assisted bicycle.”
  • Safety Features: Front and rear brakes for easy stopping, LED lights for ultimate exposure, and a horn for any close call.
  • Price: Just over $$.

3. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike (4 Stars)

Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike

Image Source: ​Ecotric​​​

This is one of my favorites simply because it looks so awesome.

The ECOTRIC electric bike is another mountain bike option and is one of the best around for making that trip up and down the mountain the easiest ride of your life while still getting that workout in and letting you enjoy yourself while you’re doing it.

It is a little bit more expensive than the last one, but worth it in the eyes of many to get a little better quality!

Check out more features below:

  • Speed Has a maximum speed of 23 mph and comes with a 7–gear shifting system exclusive to Fat Tire electric bicycles.
  • Battery: Equipped with a 500–watt, lithium-ion 36V battery.
  • Travel Distance: Under the all-electric mode, you can travel for up to 18 miles on flat ground.
  • Safety: This bike also has front and rear brakes and LED lights to meet all your safety needs.
  • Price: About $$$.

2. ORKAN Folding Electric Bike (4.5 Stars)

Orkan Folding Electric Bike

Image Source: ​Gearscoot​​​

The ORKAN electric bike is one of the most appealing electric bikes on the market because it is completely foldable and gives all the commuters in the world a lightweight and portable option.

It has everything you need to get to work or school and back with enough power to make the trip as easy as possible.

So, when you’re coming home after an 8, 10, or 12–hour shift, you can give yourself a break with this electric bike.

Here are the other features for this bike:

  • Portable: Has a completely foldable design making it an ideal electric bike for portability and storing.
  • Lightweight: Another great feature for those of you commuting!
  • Material: Built with aerospace-grade aluminum.
  • Three Modes: The three available modes include “Pure Electric,” “Electric Power Steering,” and “Pure Manpower.” This electric bike also includes a 7–speed option for your preferred travel speed.
  • Battery: 250–watt 36V battery that charges in 2.5 hours and lasts for up to 40 miles.
  • Price: Around $$.

1. Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Bike (4.5 Stars)

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

Image Source: ​Amazon​​​

Here it is, the number one electric bike on the list.

The Cyclamatic CX2 didn’t just win this spot over its name… which is awesome, though.

No, it arrived at number one because of its usefulness, style, price, and reviews. All the things that matter when considering any product to buy and use.

It is the perfect electric bike for commuters and coming in at the most affordable price among them all. So, check it out more below, and see if it holds–up to your standards:

  • Speed: The maximum speed is about 15 mph.
  • Three Assist Modes: The modes are low, medium and high. (A higher setting will use up your battery faster).
  • Travel Distance: This electric bike can take you anywhere from 25–31 miles.
  • Storage: The CX2 is great for those traveling with bags, briefcases, or even lunch boxes because it has luggage storage on the back.
  • Battery: Includes lithium-ion 36V battery.
  • Foldable: This electric bike is great for storage because it folds into a smaller size.
  • Price: Around $$.

Electric Bikes: A Buyer’s Guide

So, now you know the 7 top choices for electric bikes on the market, but now you have a bigger question.

“Which one is right for me?”

Well, we thought you might ask that, so we also developed a detailed buyer’s guide for electric bikes to go along with our top 7 choices so that you didn’t have to worry about it.

Man riding bicycle on city street

Image Source: Pexels

Buying an electric bike is a little different than a normal bike, and what you have to look out for doesn’t just involve looks but how it operates mechanically. Here are some things you should consider when buying an electric bike:

  • Placement of Motor and Battery: The placement of your electric bikes motor and battery will affect the center of gravity. If I were you, I would look for what’s called a “center drive” motor located in the center of the bike, instead of a “hub drive” that sits over the back wheel, because they will be easier to control.
  • Motor Power: The wattage of the motor will determine how quickly an electric bike will accelerate to its top speed.
  • Type of Battery: The two main battery types are lithium-ion and sealed lead acid. The better performing battery of the two is lithium-ion and will give you maximum power for the maximum travel distance. However, if you’re on a tight budget, a sealed lead acid battery is the most inexpensive.

Electric Bikes Are Everywhere 

There is without a question an electric bike sitting out there for you right now.

It’s up to you to find it. This guide provides you with everything you need to get started – whether or not you saw one you liked above, they will lead you on the right track once you start looking into them.

So, good luck, and we hope you find a perfect ride in the wide market of electric bikes!

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