When Marty McFly dazzled moviegoers on his hoverboard in Back to the Future, audiences marveled at the thought that they, too, could fly through the streets—and look as fresh—as the film’s teenage hero.

Well, it’s 2018. And we don’t have hoverboards just yet. But the electric, one-wheeled skateboard has come close. The board is a head-turning sensation that is as fun as it is innovative. Riders glide on a single, rubber wheel, with the self-balancing programming left to do most of the work.

If the idea of a segway, a skateboard, and a unicycle all mixed together sounds like your idea of fun then a one-wheel skateboard might be exactly what you need. This revolutionary version of a skatebaord is designed to give you the feeling of flying. It’s pretty much the closest thing to an actual hoverboard that you can currently get on the market. If you are a big fan of fun, fast, electric transportation then you should definitely consider checking out a one-wheeled skateboard. This unique mode of transportation is very eye-catching and provides a lot of innovative fun. With self-balancing technology, riding is super easy to get the hang of. You’ll be gliding around the streets in no time.

Read on to learn which are the best rated in the online marketplace.

How Does It Work?

one wheeled electric skateboard

Here’s how the one wheeled electric skateboard works:

  • The self-balancing sensor works as you place your non-dominant foot to the front of the electric skateboard, then your dominant foot to the back.
  • Pressure sensitive pads activate beneath your feet.
  • The motor of the board activates.
  • You start the movement by leaning forward—you slow down (and go in reverse) by leaning backward.
  • The board’s torque engages, which stabilizes the balance.

Turning takes practice. You enter a turn by leaning forward. Then keep leaning even through a corner.

Most electric skateboards also are now operated by Bluetooth apps, which update automatically as long as your phone is in close range of the vehicle. The apps can adjust the one-wheeled skateboard for comfort and keep tabs on the battery life as you ride.

The ride settings can also be manipulated to alter the overall feel of the ride or adjusted to enhance handling control with increased speed.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, the skateboard has a setting for you. They can travel up to nineteen to twenty miles per hour, or adjusted for a slower pace to match the learning curve of new riders.

The battery life of most electric one-wheeled skateboards is about six hours. So before a day of lengthy riding, you will need to bring the charge cable with you to plug into the board when you stop for a rest.

If you are looking for a fun, new experience, you won’t be disappointed in the one-wheeled electric skateboard. It revolutionizes the daily commute with a flair of style and excitement.

One Wheel Skateboard Review

Want to learn the opinions of those who own a retail one wheeled electric skateboard? Here’s our review, which is based on the OneWheel, one of the most popular one wheel electric skateboard brands on the market.


  • Highly maneuverable. The one wheel design takes some getting used to, but when you do, the superior balance will have you riding with ease. For previous skateboarders, the experience may be jarring because the OneWheel breaks a few learned rules of skateboarding, such as making broad turns. Instead, the OneWheel can zip you through crowds and turns with relative ease, so long as the rider balances forward.
  • Speed. The electric skateboard is very fast, especially if the setting is on Extreme, and can reach up to 20 miles per hour.
  • The OneWheel’s balance and speed settings make the ride fun and exciting.
  • Advanced technology. The OneWheel runs off advanced technology to control the speed of the board.


  • The OneWheel isn’t cheap. The MSRP for the skateboard is $1,499 with an XR version for $1,699. And if you’re considering a pre-owned one wheel skateboard, eBay has options at around $995. For those prices, you can buy a nice bike, snowboard, or book a vacation. For some, the price is much too high to justify a purchase.
  • Steep learning curve. Riding on one wheel defies the laws of physics. At least, to the naked eye. So you’ll have to practice with the skateboard over and over until you get it.

Is the OneWheel for Me?

The OneWheel, or any self-balancing electric skateboard, is best suited for commuters that would rather have an alternative transportation move by bus or bike. It’s also for those who avoid the cross streets with ease.

The OneWheel isn’t for people who lack skating experience, or those with chronic balancing problems.

(Want to build your own? Check out our post “How to Build a One-wheeled Skateboard“)

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