Here at Ride Drive Electric, we’re excited about the electric transport and want to share the latest news, trends, and developments with you.

Getting from place to place via clean, fast, whisper-quiet electric transport used to be the stuff of science fiction. Now, longer range, smaller batteries, and advances in design are bringing it into the mainstream.

What Ride Drive Electric‘s About

Our team’s thrilled about electric-powered personal transport and what the future holds. Electric cars get the most press, but other forms of electric-powered transportation are all around us. Here, at Ride Drive Electric, we’ll cover cars along with air travel, bikes, recreation, batteries, and more.


When will hybrids and electric cars really take over?

When will hybrids and electric cars move into the lead?

Posted by CNN Business on Sunday, January 7, 2018

Electric cars like the Tesla and hybrid-powered ones like the Toyota Prius and Nissan LEAF have been around for a while. Electric cars are most popular in urban areas with more charging stations and less distance to travel. But thanks to longer battery life, they’re ranging further afield. Since electric cars are also coming down in price, we’ll soon be seeing more of them on the road. The high-end Tesla goes for a sky-high $101,500. But the Prius, Ford Focus, and Nissan LEAF cost just around $30,000, and the Chevrolet Spark retails for $27,495.

Air Travel


Pack your suitcase and hit the road – riding it. 󾌸

Posted by Smart is the New Sexy on Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cleaner electric and hybrid planes are on the way. And finally, folks living below the flight path can get some peace and quiet. Some say we may start seeing these new machines as early as 2020. But there’s more to air travel, and here at Ride Drive Electric, we’re excited. Electric-powered moving walkways and motorized scooter luggage are already making it easier and more pleasant for people to get around the airport. Engineers are even working on solar power airplanes, which would mean less pollution, big savings on fuel, and (we hope!) lower fares.


Folding Electric Bike

The perfect commuter bike doesn't exis-via Green Matters

Posted by Distractify on Monday, August 21, 2017

What do you do when you want to ditch your car but live just a little too far from work for walking or biking? Electric bikes are affordable, earth-friendly, gas-saving, and give you all the benefits of fresh air and exercise. But when you need to look fresh for that meeting, your electric bike gives you that bit of extra help you need. Our team at Ride Drive Electric will keep you up to date on finding the best e-bike, keeping it running smoothly, and how to do maintenance and repair.


We’ve talked a lot about getting to work and around the airport. But what about fun? We’ve got the latest on some pretty awesome electric toys. like Scooters, Segways, hoverboards, and skateboards, anyone? Best of all, they’re quiet. Those who love their all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and jet skis can now enjoy them without disturbing wildlife or grumpy neighbors.


Batteries don’t seem nearly as exciting as a solar-powered plane or a stealthily quiet ATV. After all, who’s ever heard of someone showing off their shiny new battery? Still, batteries are a crucial component of electric transport. As anyone who’s constantly charging their cellphone knows, a battery can make or break even the coolest tech. The lighter, smaller, and more powerful the battery, the farther and faster a car, plane, or scooter can go without recharging. The Ride Drive Electric team explains basics like how solid-state batteries work. But we also report on developments so insane, they just might work. Bioo Plant Charger, anyone? And yes, by that, we mean a potted plant that charges your phone and provides wifi access.

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