In a world run by the constant need to look for the bigger, better, more powerful thing; in a rush to find the faster car, the more powerful engine; there’s not enough appreciation for the finer cars in life that don’t deem to exalt themselves to a powerhouse vehicle.

Sometimes, a drive can just be a drive, aimed for the simplicity and tranquility of it rather than a race to the finish line. From their line of electric cars, Volkswagen aims to embrace the family side of cars with their all-electric car, the e-Golf.

So, What Should You Know About the e-Golf?

Electric Alone Makes It Better

In the gas-guzzling age, the rise of green, environmental vehicles like electric cars will leave a positive impact on the driver. Being able to rely on electric energy to sustain your vehicle provides a sustainable method for maintaining peak vehicular performance via reliable charging either at various charging stations or in the comfort of your own home.

Powered by a 35.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, the e-Golf offers a battery-powered vehicle, backed by a 134 horsepower engine, that offers both efficiency and affordability in the same package.

Charging It Is Easy

Being able to charge your car at home means never having to worry about running out of energy on a day to day basis. The e-Golf comes with a charging port with an accompanying cable that comes as an accessory to your purchase. Just plug the cable into any outlet and you’re good to go. The e-Golf has three different levels of charging to suit your needs: level 1, 2, and 3.

Level 1 charging is the most common option, taking a fully depleted battery to full charge in around 20 hours. While, yes, that does seem like it takes a while, there are a few more things to consider. Firstly, the level 1 charging option is only available from your home garage, where your vehicle will be spending most of its time overnight. Secondly, there’s almost certainly no chance that any driver will expend the entire battery on a daily basis, which means that level 1 charging will only need to refill a portion of the battery, cutting the 20-hour limit by hours.

Level 2 charging can be provided by the Bosch home charger or at any ChargePoint location on the road. Unlike the level 1 charging option, level 2 is entirely optional for whether you’d like it installed in your home, as it comes at an extra cost for the benefit of fully recharging the e-Golf battery in 4 hours. Much quicker, but may be unnecessary if you don’t drive your e-Golf to the extremes of its battery life.

The final charging option available, level 3, is only provided at select ChargePoint. This level should be reserved only for drivers in a rush and need a quick 30-minute recharge to bring their e-Golf back up to full. This emergency option should be used infrequently, due to its battery lifespan shortening drawbacks.

How Fast Can It Go

The e-Golf is not designed for the racetrack. That’s not what its intended purpose is, nor is it ever touted as such. The e-Golf is intended to provide a comfortable ride at a reasonable speed. Considering this, nothing more can be expected than its 0-60 being clocked in at around 8.5 seconds. There’s no need to break speed limits running to the grocery store, as it has a top speed of around 85 mph.

Prided on Superior Performance

City driving cars need to feel comfortable and reliable in a constant start-and-stop environment. The e-Golf is responsive, agile, and perfectly suited to an urban setting, engineering well-suited technology to maximize the benefits of living in the city.

The e-Golf utilizes a regenerative braking system, which converts any energy expended while braking, coasting, or letting up on the pedals into electricity. Unlike gasoline counterparts, this energy system allows the e-Golf to use advanced energy management to both contribute to overall fuel efficiency while also recharging the battery while driving. A regenerative braking system is a key aspect the e-Golf employs to edge itself out as a contender in the vehicular market, improving on both fuel efficiency and overall vehicular function and management.

The Exterior Design

Volkswagen maintains a distinct aesthetic when it comes to their brand of vehicles: hatchbacks, curved roofs, sleekness almost like a bubble. The e-Golf embraces its Volkswagen origins in a very modern way, taking every aspect their customers have come to expect from a VW and extrapolate on them to their utmost convenience, usability, and quality design.

The trunk opens wide and provides unparalleled cargo space with hardly a lip to get caught on. The LED head and tail lights are designed to be as sleek and efficient as possible while embellishing the vehicle’s aesthetic with blue accents. Even the windows are electrically heated for the cold winter months, melting sheets of snow and ice right off the front and back windows for a safe and drive.

The Interior Design

The interior space of the e-Golf does come at a bit of a price for the ample cargo room. While the front half of the car is spacious for most occupants, the back is notably somewhat cramped for an adult of average size.

Space is ample enough for most trips, but it probably isn’t going to be the most comfortable for any long-period trips for back seat passengers. Anyone in the front seat, however, will enjoy spacious leg room.

The driver will also appreciate the variety of commodities available to them on the dashboard. A touchscreen laden with GPS, music, calling, and other applications available in an intuitive and easily understood layout will be a key feature to making any trip as entertaining as possible without becoming a hazard. Climate and audio control, likewise, are easily controlled by physical knobs, allowing easy tuning. And don’t forget that the e-Golf can be turned on with no more than the press of a button.

How Safe Is It?

Cars are dangerous. Of course, they are, they’re big chunks of metal traveling at high speeds. Since they can present such an everyday threat, both in and out, providing amenities that secure the vehicle occupants’ safety is vital.

The e-Golf comes equipped with a rearview camera to keep an eye on the road behind you while reversing, as well as park assist to ensure you’re able to squeeze into tight spaces without undue damage or inconveniencing either you or your neighbors when it’s time to leave.

The e-Golf comes built in with systems that monitor your tire pressure, as well as ensuring your safety in the event of an accident via airbags and automatic braking systems. Volkswagen provides a whole array of optional safety features as well, though those come at a bit of a higher price. These features, while not necessary if you’re an attentive, defensive driver, provide a degree of assistance for ensuring safety from liable accidents either on the roadway or in the parking lot.

Pricing and Availability

While the e-Golf offers a perfect fit for many customers in terms of the type of electric car they’re looking for, it’s not mass produced, and so may be in short supply when it comes to finalizing the purchase.

Thankfully, as of now, the e-Golf is readily available for purchase at around $30,500 for the standard version. Volkswagen also offers the e-Golf in a Premium version, which comes with the optional Driver Assistance Package and other amenities not included with the standard version.

Going Green with e-Golf

The Volkswagen e-Golf is the vision of a casual, conformed vehicle for city driving brought to its best form. With the rise of conscientiousness of the automobile’s carbon footprint, the necessity to switch from a gasoline-dependent car to an electric vehicle means that the e-Golf, with its reliable handling, strong mileage, and overall comfort, is an ideal car that fits any urban setting.

The e-Golf isn’t going to win any races. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s a car to cruise in, to relax in, to appreciate for being what it is: green, electric, and comfortable.

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