The most refreshing thing about e-bikes is how easy they are to repair and maintain. Electric bike repair is easy even if you don’t have a mechanical background.

Unlike cars which require complex mechanical skill and expensive equipment and replacements, e-bikes are not only easy to maintain, but will save you lots of cash in repair services.

Keep Your E-bike Running with These Effective Tips 

1. Charge Your Battery

Just like your phone’s or laptop’s battery, your e-bike battery is made of cells, and each cell has several charge cycles. Over time, as the battery charges and drains, it starts to be less effective.

The e-bike’s battery has a management system which regulates the output and charging of its cells. When one cell is used, the next cell in the series takes over and this continues until the battery is completely drained.

To keep the battery in excellent condition, ensure you fully charge it every time. It is recommended to recharge your e-bike’s battery after every ride.

2. Oil Your Electric Bike

Lubricant is not only for traditional bicycles, it can also be used on e-bikes. If your e-bike is not lubricated in the right places, it can easily break down.

For instance, if your chain is not oiled for a long time, it will not only generate a distracting squeal, but also pivot gears awkwardly. Eventually, it will rust and snap.

To lubricate the chain, soak a rag in a degreaser, and then hold the chain with the rag and start backpedaling. This should remove old grease and grime from the rollers and side plates.

Now, with a clean rug, dry the chain and use the same technique used to apply the lubricant. Wipe off any extra oil as this attracts more dirt.  You can find quality lubricants in reputable electric bike shops near you.

3. Maintain the Brakes

Brakes are arguably the most critical component of your e-bike. Brake maintenance should be at the heart of all your electric bike repairs – your safety depends on it!

There are different types of e-brakes and each of them requires different maintenance.

  • Rim brakes: These brakes are mostly found on mechanical bikes and low-end e-bikes. To slow your bike down, you need to pull a lever which, in turn, pulls the brake pad and stops the bike. With time and constant use, the brake cables stretch and reduce their grip on the brakes. You need to tighten the cables regularly or when the need arises, and replace your brake pads when need be.
  • Mechanical disk brakes: This type of brakes need the same kind of maintenance as the rim brakes. Just keep the cable tight and replace brake pads when necessary.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes: With these brakes, you need to replace brake pads at least twice per year or when they lose their grip. You also need to replace the hydraulic fluid regularly to ensure your brakes never fail.

4. Check the Bolts

Unlike traditional bicycles, e-bikes don’t have many bolts, so checking every single one of them is quite easy.

Every bolt has a specified torque, and you can use a torque wrench to fasten them. Always inspect your bolts after every ride.

5. Inspect Tires and Clean Your Bike

Always check your tires to ensure there is no excessive wear, cracking, or dry rotting. Worn out tires are in fact a safety hazard. Replace your worn out tires as soon as possible. Most electric bike retailers stock new tires from different brands.

Dirt will wear and tear the e-bikes components prematurely, especially the moving parts. Cleaning your bike regularly ensures that it runs smoothly for a long time to come.

Take Advantage of the Diagnostic Tool 

Most e-bikes are equipped with a diagnostic tool to point you to the precise problem in case it stops working. Some simple diagnostic tools use the “elimination method” – every part is tested until it finds the faulty part.

Often, with e-bikes, all you need to do is turn your e-bike on and off. Doing this resets the diagnostic tool and gets you going.

But you should be wary, because having to reset it implies that there is an underlying problem that needs to be checked by a professional e-bike technician as soon as possible.

All electric bikes are not built equal, some are more reliable than others. You need to do your homework before purchase, then do all you can to take care of it.

Taking this simple steps can be the difference between enjoying riding your e-bike for years and having your investment go down the drain after a few months.

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