Some of the advantages of electric bikes over the typical bicycles include better range, wind resistance, and climbing efficiency.

If you’re struggling with exercise-induced asthma or knee pain, electric bikes are also perfect for you. Apart from all these benefits, e-bikes also offer the good-old benefits that you get from traditional bikes – health benefits, connection to the community, and cost efficiency.

Finding the perfect starter motor electric bike can be daunting. There are so many specifications and options to consider. Here some of the key aspects of electric bikes and what to consider when buying one from electric bicycle companies.

Top 7 Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Bike

1. Your Needs

Understanding your needs will help you focus on the right electric bike specifications. E-bikes are designed for different cyclists and different uses. You should decide on what specs to prioritize on.

If you love riding for long distances, then you should consider an e-bike with a battery of over 400 watt-hours. And if you ride on hilly terrain, then a mid-mounted motor or a hub motor of 200 watts will serve you well.

The bottom line is, understand your biking needs.

2. Drive

E-bikes are clustered into two main types based on the location of the motor – mid-drive e-bikes and hub motor bikes.

Mid-drive e-bikes are the most common type. They are equipped with a system that monitors your cycling and mechanically infuses motor assistance – typically depending on speed, force, and rate.

The motor output is limited to 250W while the optimum speed is limited to 216 miles per hour. The motor automatically switches off the moment you reach the top speed.

On the other side, the hub motor e-bikes can reach a speed of up to 30 miles per hour. However, you need a driver’s license, insurance, and plates. The regulatory framework differs from state to state, so it’s critical to get all the regulatory information before making the purchase.

3.  Warranty and Support

Buying an electric bike is a considerable investment, and purchasing one from a reliable shop is a smart move. Any reputable dealer should offer after-sales services, advice on use and maintenance, and any other help that you may need.

It’s also wise to buy from established and reputable electric bike companies. Established brands are more likely to provide replacement parts in the future and their quality is more likely to be consistent.

You should also find out what type of warranty is available for an e-bike. It may be different for various components of the bike.

The length of your warranty is always a good indicator of the quality and reliability of a bike.

4. Battery

Over time, batteries will degrade and hold less charge. The quality of the battery is critical to the durability of your e-bike.

Go for reputable brands with good batteries that offer at least a two-year warranty. E-bikes with advanced electric bike technology have higher-tech batteries that charge faster and can last longer.

5. Range

The range is basically how far an e-bike can go on a fully charged battery. It’s one of the most critical specs on a bike.

For instance, if you commute for 10 miles, you wouldn’t want a bike that will run out of power halfway. The range depends on a lot of things like the electric bike technologies, the weight, battery capacity, pedaling power, and the terrain of the commute.

Moreover, an e-bike with a 50-mile range won’t add much value to your commute if you only cover 20 miles per day. However, you should buy a bike with a relatively higher range because as the batteries lose capacity over time, their range drops.

6. Comfort

You’re less likely to ride your bike if it’s not comfortable.

For comfort, the key features to focus on are the frames and the seat.

When riding a mountain bike or road bike, you have to lean a little bit forward. However, for e-bikes, a lot of people prefer the upright position.

To find a bike that suits your preferred driving style, you should test drive it. Small changes in the geometry can make a significant difference on how you feel when riding.

7. Costs

You can get a cheaper model, but how well will it serve your needs?

Building an e-bike with a solid frame and state-of-the-art components is not cheap. So don’t focus so much on the price. You may pay a little more for a quality bike, but it’ll definitely last longer.

Get Your Ideal Electric Bike Today! 

If you don’t know what you exactly want, purchasing an e-bike can be quite overwhelming.

However, test driving a bike allows you to answer the fundamental questions that reviews and research can’t answer – “Do I love it enough to buy it?”

Always ask yourself this question before striking a purchase deal.

Happy riding!

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