In a world where basically every mode of transportation now has an electric option, recreational jet skis are no different. While they took longer to develop because of their use in water, there are now a few options for electric jet skis hitting the market soon. You can also try your hand at converting your old gas-guzzler with an electric jet ski conversion kit. The most important thing to keep in mind is that staying safe is integral to operating a jet ski. As such, either purchase your jet ski from the experts, or have an experienced mechanic complete the conversion for you.

Top Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Jet Skis

Electric jet skis are probably one of the last vehicles to get the battery-operated treatment. Because of this, there are a few different things that most people don’t know about them. For one, the electric jet ski has taken a long time to develop. First announced in the early 00’s, the electric jet ski project was taken on by plenty of Silicone Valley startups with a water-based Tesla on their mind. Like any new invention, however, it took time to develop.

There are now only a few companies that plan to sell electric powered jet skis, and electric jet ski price will be relatively high at retail. FreeForm Factory was one of the first companies to take pre-orders for a fully electric jet ski. After partnering with Nikola PowerSports, that reality may come as early as late 2018. Boasting fully electric jet skis, the company is set to mass-produce models in the next two years.

Another thing that most may not know about this new technology is what exactly is inside an electric jet ski motor. The truth is, there is very little information about what will power these full electric units. Earlier reports had mentioned that electric motorcycle engines would be converted to accommodate the watercrafts, but most of the information will be proprietary until a wider release later this year.

Unfortunately, the technology is very new, which makes it difficult to know a lot about. The important take away from this all however, is the fact that they will provide many benefits for those that are passionate about jet skis.

What are 5 Benefits of Electric Jet Skis?

As mentioned before, we are still some time away from a full electric jet ski release, but there are plenty of benefits we can imagine will come with the new technology. These include:

  • Eco-Friendly: The biggest reason in trying to find an electric solution to jet skis is their impact on the environment. Not only do jet skis create heavy fumes, but also during operation they can displace oil and gasoline into the water. With an electric powered jet ski these pollutants will not even exist.
  • Quiet Operation: If you’ve ridden a jet ski, then you know how loud they can be during operation. Electric jet skis will use a battery powered motor, which will offer quiet but powerful rides.
  • Long Lasting Engine: A gas powered jet ski goes through a lot of wear and tear because of its use of oil and proximity to sea water, which results in a higher tendency to burn out much sooner than usual. With an electric jet ski motor you can expect little to no maintenance, and a longer shelf life.
  • High Top Speeds: Just because its electric does not mean its slow. Many electric powered vehicles hit top speeds, and early indications show that jet skis will be no different. Early press materials from FreeForm indicated that their models would hit top speeds of about 46 mph.
  • Extended Run-Time: A major concern with electric powered jet skis will be their run time. While they may not work for hours on end, you can expect at least an hour of operation at full-charge, and an increase with an extra battery.

Once electric jet skis hit the mass market, there will be plenty of improvements that will ensure that the benefits continue to be well worth the price of a new vehicle.

How to Perform an Electric Jet Ski Conversion?

The promise of an electric jet ski motor is attractive to anyone who owns a jet ski and knows the cost associated with them. This is why some electric jet ski conversion kits are starting to hit the market. While a lot of the information centers on a DIY approach, there are some garages that are offering a full-service conversion. This would include the removal of your old motor and the installation of an electric jet ski motor. Contact your local jet ski mechanic to learn more!

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