Electric lawn mowers are entering the market fast with full charges. While gasoline powered lawn mowers have helped thousands of people throughout the years, today’s focus on using renewable energy resources might have you thinking twice about purchasing a lawn mower running on gas.

Electric lawn mowers have hit the market. However, there are not many options for a solar powered riding mower on the market right now. Renewable resource-driven vehicles are sweeping up the automobile market, and the lawn mowing industry has started trying to save the planet with that type of lawn mowers too.

Your best choice in lawn mowers remains one powered by electricity. If you are still looking for a more fuel efficient or renewable energy driven mower, here are your best options. Throughout this blog, learn about the preeminent choices among electric lawn mowers and how you can make your own solar powered riding mower.

Choose the Best Electric Lawn Mower

The electric lawn ride on mower is relatively new on the market, so it is okay if you aren’t sure what makes the best electric mower. Some things you will want to look for include running time between charges, battery life, and cost.

Cub Cadet Electric Riding Mower

This ride on lawn mower has been reviewed by Consumer Reports, reporting that this mower is quieter than any other lawn mower and that it cuts grass very well.

Described as the “Tesla of mowers,” the Cub Cadet electric riding model’s battery can last for six years before needing to be replaced. Much of the maintenance required with fuel-powered lawn mowers is not a factor with electric mowers. Additionally, you can ride for at least an hour with zero power fade.

Though electric mowers cost more than traditional gasoline mowers, the cost in the long run pays off. There is less maintenance to consider, plus you don’t need to purchase fuel.

John Deere Hybrid Ride On Mower

There doesn’t appear to be a John Deere electric ride on mower available just yet, but John Deere does have a couple options for hybrid ride on mowers.

These mowers operate using both an engine and battery packs. Because there is still an engine being used, these batteries don’t drain as quickly as solely electric-powered mowers. Having the fuel engine available means your batteries will last even longer, so you likely won’t need to replace them for a long time.

The cost of this mower is on par with other ride on mowers because it is still a fuel-driven machine. This John Deere ride on mower is good for you if you don’t mind using some fuel on a mower.

Making a Solar Powered Riding Mower

Choosing to use an electric powered riding mower is better for the environment than a fuel-powered mower. That much we all know to be true. But is it the most environmentally friendly choice?

It seems that honor actually belongs to solar powered vehicles. You can turn your old school lawn mower into a machine running on the most renewable resource we have: the sun.

To begin converting your traditional lawn mower into a solar powered mower, you will need just five items: battery operated lawn mower, 12 volt solar cell, red and black wires, a multimeter, and a multitool.

Cut off the cigarette lighter plug in, and strip both your wires. Cut two lengths of red wire and two lengths of black wire, and then strip both wires. Find the positive and negative ends of the battery and connect your wires.

The mower uses two 12 volt batteries, which are connected in a series circuit. Once you undo the current wiring, you can create a parallel circuit to help your solar mower charge. Next, you will connect your red wires to each other and do the same to the black wires.

Now your solar cell can charge the batteries of your mower. Though direct sunlight is best for solar charges, it is not necessary. You can charge your solar powered mower even on cloudy days.

Take Your Lawn Care to the Next Level 

When you choose an electric mower, you are choosing to make your carbon footprint smaller each time you mow your lawn. And by putting in just a little electrical work on your old walk behind mower, you could turn that into a solar powered lawn mower, reducing your carbon impact even more.

Do some research and consider your options before purchasing one of these great, groundbreaking products. Determine whether you need a ride on mower or your lawn could be cut with a smaller machine.

After debating these questions, you can move full speed ahead with your purchase of a new, environmentally friendly green lawn mower. Make lawn care greener today.

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