What is a cool and compact alternative to a Segway? Hoverboards! A hoverboard is a compact two-wheeled motorized scooter that is battery powered. Using your balance, you can tilt your way to motorized fun without requiring so much space for storage.

While hoverboards are the must-buy gadget for kids everywhere, there are a few things to consider like the cost, and how to actually ride them. So, here is everything you need to know about hoverboards, without all the boring stuff from an owner’s manual!

How to Ride a Hoverboard

As you unbox your hoverboard, you’re already wondering how to get on and ride. First, however, you need to actually know how to do it. Here are some key steps to take before riding a hoverboard.

  • Make Sure It’s Charged: Hoverboards are electrically charged, and use this charge to help you balance and move. Unless you want to find yourself out on the road carrying your hoverboard, it’s critical to always make sure you have a full charge.
  • Get in the Right Stance: You may be thinking that riding a hoverboard is as easy as stepping right on. While this may be the case, you can still get it wrong. It’s important to keep your feet as wide apart as possible for improved balance and ease.
  • Tilt, Don’t Fall: Learning how to move your hoverboard is probably the most challenging part. You need to learn a perfect balance between tilting forward or backwards, without going too far and falling. When you first get on your hoverboard practice finding the right amount of movement needed to get going.
  • Turning Left and Right: The two halves of your hoverboard can move independently, which is what allows you to turn. So, if you want to go left, you’ll move your right foot in that direction, and vice versa.

Getting a new hoverboard can be exciting, so taking the time to learn how to ride it perfectly is a must. As you improve your control and handling, you can even progress to doing tricks.

5 Must Learn Hoverboard Tricks 

Once you have the basics on how to ride hoverboard, it’s time to experiment and learn some cool tricks. Here are five must learn tricks every hoverboard rider should try.

1. 360 Spin

After you learn how to turn on your hoverboard, the next logical step is spinning in 360! The easiest way to do this is by using your dominant foot, or at least the one you feel the most comfortable with, and tilt it completely, while keeping your other foot flat. This will spin you give you a complete 360 spin.

2. One Legged Spin

Now that you can do a 360 spin, why not raise the difficulty? Get a good handle on your balance, because you’re going to need it, and try staying in place with only one foot on the hoverboard. Once you feel comfortable with that, tilt your foot forward and start your spin. Eventually, you’ll be able to spin completely with only one foot on the board.

3. Magic Carpet Ride

Now that you can confidently do tricks while standing on your hoverboard, how about sitting on it? The magic carpet ride is basically gliding while sitting. You can either sit on the board, or kneel down on it, and then use your hands to tilt the board forwards and backwards. It will look like you’re gliding on a magic carpet, hence the name.

4. The Jump Flip

This is definitely a trick you should practice on grass before trying it while moving. The basics of the trick are to jump and flip orientation on the board. In other words, as you move, jump and spin, and land on your hoverboard in the opposite direction. This trick requires plenty of balance and creativity; so perfect it in a safe environment first.

5. Handstand Riding

If you’ve seen any hoverboard videos, chances are you’ve seen handstand riding. This is the most challenging of all the tricks, but it’s also the coolest. If you have strong balance, flip into a handstand, and use your hands to tilt the board forwards and backwards.

The most important part of learning a trick is doing it in a safe environment first. Practice on some grass, where your hoverboard cannot move as freely. Once you have a handle on it, try it out while moving, but always keep safety as a number one priority.

What to Consider When Buying a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are a great way to have fun and get around, but there are some things to consider. First, do some research into hoverboard cost. Choosing a model that’s in your budget is important. Next, look into the safety and charge time for your board. Make sure that the life of the battery is sufficient for your needs. After you have all this info, you’re ready to get your first hoverboard!

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