Getting only yourself through the airport is hard work, and we could all use some help with that sometimes. And then when you add in transfers between terminals or even concourses, the trouble only magnifies.

Enter the Modobag, motorized scooter luggage that will get you through the airport with the least amount of effort possible. This luggage will carry you through the airport to your destination three times faster than usual, saving you time and energy.

Are you skeptical? Read more about Modobag to discover why it has been featured in Engadget, TechCrunch, and Fortune.

Steer Easily to Your Destination

One of the first fears that come to mind about motorized luggage involves figuring out how to steer. Many inventions like this are hard to control but not Modobag.

With this luggage, you control steering – as well as the throttle and brakes – using a telescoping handlebar. The motor bag looks a little like a scooter because of the handlebar, which consists of a straight bar that turns fully in any direction you need.

This motor scooter luggage is unlike any others, featuring a unique design that allows for maximum movement throughout your ride. Maneuver all the curves of your terminal with ease and few worries with Modobag’s innovative solution.

Customize Your Ride Through the Airport

Modobag has managed to solve many problems that arise when you consider the idea of a ride on suitcase for adults. Some of the best features of Modobag are the options for customization.

The brakes are assembled in a custom design, so that you can have full control over the ability to stop. This is particularly important because it maximizes your comfort while also keeping in mind the safety of other travelers.

Modobag’s wheels are also custom made, featuring high-performance polyurethane. The unique wheel design doesn’t stop there – Modo speed balls are installed to allow for maximum speed when you need it. These wheel bearings are completely sealed, ensuring a safe ride as well as a fast one.

Charge Your Devices with Your New Favorite Luggage

Additionally, you can charge your favorite time-passing devices directly on your Modobag. We have all been sitting in the airport on our phones or laptops, and suddenly we realize with a pang of fear: the battery is low.

Never again come face to face with this fear. On the Modobag, there are two USB ports intentionally designed for easy use while charging your devices. Save the battery for when you really need it, too, with the useful on/off switch.

As a bonus, the Modobag comes with a crush proof laptop compartment that will comfortably fit a 17” laptop. This motorized luggage lets you keep all your crucial devices with you while you travel, so you never worry about luggage mix-ups.

Never Fear Airport Discomfort Again

Every aspect of the Modobag is meant to be as comfortable as possible. All of your tech needs are kept on hand – with designated homes for your phone, tablet, and laptop – and the steering mechanism is designed to keep you sitting comfortably while you ride.

But that isn’t all the comfort the Modobag offers.

Your new favorite suitcase comes with a personal cushioned seat. Even when there are no more seats in your terminal, you will always have a seat available. Your days of huddling on the ground near an outlet are over when you purchase this new motor scooter luggage.

Battery Life Long Enough to Depend On

All the charging capabilities of the Modobag sound great – except this luggage must run out of power fast, right?

Wrong. Actually, the battery lasts for 8 miles of riding time. The lightweight lithium batteries the bag runs on are state of the art, and they won’t be outperformed any time soon.

What happens if you forget to charge your Modobag before you leave for the airport? Simply find an outlet, leave the bag plugged in for 15 minutes, and you are ready to get zooming again. The battery charges up to 80% in just 15 minutes, so you can get going as fast as possible.

Modobag: A Solution for All Airport Problems

All the needs you have in the airport, the Modobag can help you conquer.

You can move faster through the airport, while charging all your necessary devices for up to 8 hours each ride. On top of those exciting features, this luggage is designed for your comfort with a cushioned seat, ergonomic foot rests, and lift handles for when you can’t ride.

Invest in a Modobag today, and your airport inconveniences will be things of the past. This innovative solution to several common travel problems can help pretty much any type of traveler, whether you are traveling nationally or internationally.

This rideable carry-on luggage will quickly become your best travel accessory.

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