Bikes are a great way of getting around. They have impressive maneuverability, are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and very affordable.

The only shortcoming is that they can be a pain to ride over long distances. Their speeds depend on the ability and physical prowess of the rider.

Electric bikes are built to counter this. They are chargeable and require less effort to ride. They are also more convenient than motorbikes as they don’t require any fuel nor stringent licensing.

However, when choosing the perfect electric bike for adults, there are a number of features that you need to consider such as style and reliability. Here are some of the best electric bikes of 2018 and the different features they have to offer:

Best Electric Bikes in 2018

1. GTECH Electric Bike Sports

This mini dirt electric bike is computer monitored to adjust its speed. It has a green button where you can adjust the power from the battery.

It has no gears and uses a motorbike-style carbon fiber belt instead of a chain. It’s light and nimble, making it easy to ride and control.

2. Volt Pulse Electric Bike

Volt is a smartly drafted hybrid electric bike with efficient gears and a turbo button for top speed. It has disc brakes and front suspensions that are used for abrupt stopping.

With its hybrid system and thumb throttle, you can easily conquer even the toughest of terrain. Volt is a great bike that you should definitely try out if you are the adventurous type.

3. Gazelle Citizen C8 HMB

Being a city bike, the Gazelle C8 is designed for smooth and paved bike paths. It has integrated lights and a Bosch motor system for power. Its disc brakes are also very effective than most electric bikes on the list.

With its light weight and top-notch suspension, this is your ideal electric pocket bike for the park.

4. Cube Reaction HPA Pro 400

The Cube is one of the most versatile and affordable Bosch powered e-bike on the market. Even though it’s designed for city biking, it also has a solid performance off-road on moderate terrains.

Some of the upgrades on its latest model include a suspension fork with a remote lockout, hydraulic disc brakes, and locking drips.

However, these e-bikes don’t come with their own kickstands, but this shouldn’t worry you – you can buy them separately at your nearest electric bike shop.

5. Ridgeback Electron Plus

Ridgeback is known for its state-of-the-art hybrid and touring bikes, and it didn’t disappoint with the introduction of the Electron Plus which features a new power system known as STEPS.

The Electron Plus has a kickstand, hydraulic disc brakes, pannier rack, and mudguards. The STEPS system has an intelligent power management, a lithium-ion battery pack, and is surprisingly very light.

6. Coboc One Soho

The stunning Coboc One combines its head-turning beauty with its technical ingenuity. Its attractive handcrafted aluminum frame and welds are complemented with its lightweight silver forks.

Like most e-bikes, it has a 250w motor that is integrated to the rear hub together with all the other electronics. The battery which is discreetly concealed on the frame can provide a range of up to 50 miles on just a 2-hour charge.

7. Specialized Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie

The Turbo has the perfect fusion of performance, durability, technology, and proper handling. This simply means you get a low-bottom bracket that’s good for stability and an ultra-short chainstay for easy handling.

Moreover, the quiet, customizable motor releases up to 530w to the pedals which makes climbing effortless.

8. Giant Road E+1

Narrow tires, road gearing, and drop bars – the Giant Road E+ is a proper electric road bike. It has an ultra-reliable 500wh lithium-ion battery that makes it perfect for day-to-day commuting.

9. Bromptom Electric

This is one of the best fold-up electric start dirt bikes in the market right now.

It has a 62-mile range, a top speed of 16 miles per hour, and a 250w DC motor. It also retains all the special features that make the Bromptom bike brand so popular – a number of tech features, sleek design, and easy to use.

10. Gtech Escent

This is a rear-powered e-bike with two speed options (Max and Eco). It has a 20-inch aluminum frame and gears that come in handy when the batteries run out. The battery can last up to 30 miles on a 3-hour charge.

Are Bicycles Slowing You Down? Get an E-Bike

More and more people are turning to electric bikes as the most viable transport solution. E-riders are now getting further while using less energy all thanks to the smooth pedal assistance of e-bikes.

If you are looking forward to getting one, you can never go wrong with these ten awesome choices.

Happy riding!

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