Electric rides are fun ways for kids to enjoy themselves, get outside, and get moving.  Everything from electric four wheelers, electric cars, to electric bikes can provide children with the same amount of fun and have become best sellers!

Here are a few popular kinds of electric rides for kids in the year of 2017.

Power Wheels’ Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

For ages three to six, this electric jeep is Frozen-themed and amuses little girls eager to take a drive around town.

Parent reviews on Amazon include praises for the great quality of the electric car, how much their child loves it, and over 75 percent of the ratings are five stars.

The toy includes a radio that plays songs from the movie, colorful stickers to decorate with, vibrant purple and blue colors, and seats two people.  Power Wheels also included an area in the back spacious enough for storage.

Buyers also report that the electric jeep is very stable and can endure various kinds of property.

Huffy’s Electric BMW 4 Series Convertible

This stylish red convertible resembles the actual BMW 4 series model and is fit for ages three to five.  The shiny red color makes it gender-neutral, and its special features appeal to both boys and girls.

Reviews on Amazon praise the amazing details of the car and how ‘everything was just perfect.’  However, some say that the car was a bit small for their toddler.

The play convertible includes realistic features such as pedals, seatbelts, and a dashboard.  Additionally, kids can easily put the car in drive and reverse.

Power Wheels’ Kawasaki Lil’ Quad

This electric four wheeler is great for young toddlers ages one to three.

Its size is made perfectly for the age and has proven itself safe, performing best on firm ground and able to go up to only two miles per hour.  The ATV also can only go forward and is started and stopped by pressing a button.

Parents love the product, as it has a 4.5 star rating out of a huge total of 775 customer reviews on Amazon.

Yamaha Raptor ATV Ride-On

This electric four wheeler is suitable for kids three to seven years old and appeals most to little boys.  The ride can safely work on several kinds of surfaces and has a maximum speed limit of 5 miles per hour.  Also, the maximum amount of weight this ATV can take on is 130 pounds.

The ride can also go in reverse, but with a maximum of 2.5 miles per hour for additional safety.

Adult assembly is required, but parents state in their reviews on Amazon that it only took them about twenty minutes and their child is loving it.

Razor Dune Buggy

This fun dune buggy is designed for older kids ages eight and up.  It provides kids with more features to have fun with and a more powerful speed.

Able to go up to 10 miles per hour, the dune buggy also has a hand throttle, brake controls, and a 350-watt electric motor that requires no fuel to run.

For safety, the ride includes padded seats, a seatbelt, and can support up to 120 pounds.

Kids will have fun racing this dune buggy with its good speed, low ride, safety features and durability.

Power Wheels’ Harley Rocker

This electric ride is best fit for toddlers and offers them a fun and easy ride.  With firm foot supports on each side, it is easy for little ones to climb off and on without getting hurt.  It is easy for toddler’s to have fun independently and allows parents to simply sit back and watch with ease.

Easy to start, the Power Wheels’ Harley Rocker has an easy-to-push pedal that makes the ride start and stop as soon as they take their foot off the pedal.

Like other common electric kid rides, the Harley Rocker can only reach a speed of two miles per hour for safety.  Additionally, the footrests that make it simple to climb off and on also prevent your child’s feet from being dragged along with the ride.

What More Can a Parent Ask for?

You can let your child’s sense of adventure take over them when you invest in a trustworthy electric ride.  Of course, parents should always keep a watchful eye and supervise.

Now your kid can ride in style, have fun, and be safe indoors or outdoors.

Additionally, to ensure that the ride you are investing in is safe for your child, it is smart to purchase from trusted brands such as Fisher Price and Power Wheels.

These rides include features that will give toddlers a fun time and parents a peace of mind.

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