Society has been improving on technological advancements at a tremendous rate.

With this advancement has come a new emphasis on electric-powered vehicles. And no, it doesn’t stop at cars, trucks, or even scooters. Electric bicycles are hot on the market, as well, and there has been no better year than 2018 to look for one.

And you might be asking, “how is an electric bicycle different than a scooter or a motorcycle?

That’s very simple, and the answer is explained below:

What is an Electric Bicycle?

An electric bicycle may not be what you think.

Especially if you’re looking to not pedal…

An electric bicycle looks and rides exactly like a normal bicycle, except instead of pedaling by yourself, each stride you make is assisted by a motor and battery working along with you.

Of course, you could let the bike do all the work, too, but that will kill your battery pretty quickly. Here’s a list of the features that come added with an electric bicycle:

  • Battery: Located on the bike frame along with the battery charging port and powers the motor. Bikes usually have a battery life monitor.
  • Motor: Located near the bike chain and provides a boost to each pedal you make.
  • Control: Located on the handle bars and allows you to set the bike into whatever mode you want.
  • Different Modes: Most electric bicycles come with three modes – Eco, Sport, and Turbo. Eco will provide you with a 20% boost, Sport with a 50% boost, and Turbo with 100%.
  • Assisted Pedaling: As you pedal, you activate the motor according to your settings.

So, as you can see, an electric bicycle is different than a motorcycle or scooter but has a little more extra than just a regular old bike.

The best thing about an electric bicycle that a scooter and motorcycle cannot offer is that you can still get a workout from riding one. But you also don’t have to struggle to get up a difficult hill that you might have had to walk up instead.

An Electric Bicycle Buyer’s Guide

Don’t know what to look for in an electric bicycle? Here’s where each bike can differ from one another.

  • Placement of Motor and Battery: This will affect how the center of gravity acts as you ride your electric bicycle. If I were you, I would look for what’s called a “center drive” motor located in the center of the bike, instead of a “hub drive” that sits over the back wheel, because they will be easier to control.
  • Motor Power: You will want to pay attention to the wattage of the electric bicycle you’re looking at for a difference in power. Although top speeds won’t range too much, a higher wattage will allow you to accelerate to that top speed quicker.
  • Type of Battery: There are two main battery types – lithium ion and sealed lead acid. The better performing battery of the two is lithium ion and will give you maximum power for the maximum time. However, if you’re on a tight budget, a sealed lead acid battery is the most inexpensive. Also, the battery wattage is an important thing to look at, because a higher wattage will provide more power for longer.

Now that you have a general knowledge of what an electric bicycle is, let’s look at the top 4 electric bicycles of 2018 and how we chose our list.

Reviews Are Everything (Almost)

If the consumer didn’t like it, you won’t find it here.

That’s why we looked at the reviews first and foremost to determine whether or not the product was a worthwhile consideration.

But although customer satisfaction was a high priority, it technically was not everything.

We also had to make sure that it was completely up–to–standard on the latest advancements for electric bicycles. So, without any other interruption, here are our choices:

4. CS-240 Electric Bicycle

CS-240 Electric Bicycle

No products found.

This isn’t your average bicycle look.

The CS–240 electric bicycle has a single frame bar for a body, instead of the classic two–bar, and looks pretty modern. It’s advertised as a “commuter” bicycle because it’s specifically designed to be ideal for those commuting to work or school within the city.

And that’s good for anyone else who’s familiar with commuting through busy streets after a long day at work.

Here’s what this bike offers:

  • Three Modes: The three modes it has to offer includes traditional biking in case you want a regular workout!
  • Five Pedal Assistance Modes: Most electric bicycles offer only three, but this has five and includes fully automatic mode that goes 10 mph for a completely effortless ride requiring no pedaling.
  • USB Charger: In case you need to charge your phone on the go, the CS–240 electric bicycle comes prepared with a charger input you can use.
  • Storage: This electric bicycle has a luggage storage component on the back, so you can pack extra.
  • Battery: Lithium–ion 36V battery that will provide you with all the power you need in an electric bicycle that charges in 4–6 hours.
  • Foldable: Not only is this electric bicycle ideal for actually commuting to and from work or school, it’s also ideal for storing at either of these places and your home because you can fold into a smaller size. That means you don’t have to worry about your bike getting in the way!
  • Price: This electric bicycle is available for about $700.

3. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bicycle

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bicycle

No products found.

This is the mountain bike option.

Because the Ancheer electric bicycle is a great pick for those who want to conquer the most difficult slopes by saving your energy for when you need to rely on it most.

Here’s how the Ancheer electric bicycle will give you the strength you need:

  • Material: This mountain bike is made with complete aluminum framing and an aluminum 26–inch wheel. In addition, it’s made with shock absorption to lessen any hard impact moments.
  • Battery: It comes with a lithium–ion 36V battery, enough power to get you up to 15 mph.
  • Two Modes: The modes it comes installed with are “e–bike and “assisted bicycle.” Each one will offer you a different level of necessary effort that you would have to put into it.
  • Safety Features: It comes with front and rear brakes for easy stopping, LED lights for ultimate exposure so no collisions occur, and a horn just in case you come close.
  • Price: You can get this bike for just over $600.

2. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle 26" 4.0 inch Fat Tire ebike 500W 36V/12AH Electric Mountain Bicycle with Shimano 7 Speeds Lithium Battery Black/Orange/Blue
  • Max Speed:23 Mph -Exclusive Shimano 7 Gears Shifting System for Fat Tire Ebike ONLY---Fast,Smooth and Accurate
  • Strong driving force 500W Rear Hub Motor Battery: The removable 36V Lithium Cell with smart lithium battery charger
  • 26 X 4.0 Fat Tire in All Road Fat Tire-Durable All Condition Road--More than Safe,Blance,Fast and Stable for Your Cycling
  • Bicycle Weight : 58 LBS Load Capacity: 260LBS --Just Enjoy the Cycling Power and Strong Driving Push.ERGONOMIC DESIGN: 90% Pre-assembled we pay great attention to every detail of each component, ergonomic handbar, adjustable seat and anti-slip wear resistant tire.
  • Note: Amazon offers free assembly for orders that sell for $500 or more, but it's not the seller's business, if the assembly shop has caused you trouble, please ask amazon or the assembly shop for help or a claim.In addition,the bike is 90% Pre-assembled, the assembly is very simple, we also have corresponding guidance video, you can email us on amazon to let us send you.

Alright, this one is for all you biker’s that like to travel through snow or mountains.

The ECOTRIC Fat Tire electric bicycle is perfect for winter biking or for extreme slopes. It has everything you need to successfully take–on the most difficult biking tasks.

Here are the features:

  • Speed: This has a maximum speed of about 23 mph and comes with a 7–gear shifting system exclusive to Fat Tire electric bicycles.
  • Battery: This one is also equipped with a 500–watt, lithium–ion 36V battery and will get the job done for you.
  • Travel Distance: Under the all–electric mode, you can travel for up to 18 miles on flat ground.
  • Safety: This bike also has front and rear brakes and LED lights for maximum protection when you’re out there hitting the bike paths at night or in questionable conditions.
  • Price: The price tag on this option is around $980.

1. Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Bicycle

Cyclamatic CX2 Electric Bicycle

No products found.

Here’s the best on the list.

The Cyclamatic CX2 electric bicycle takes the cake because of the lower price but a similar performance quality.

It has the distance, the power, and the speed to hold–up to other commuter bikes and is deserving of a top spot because it also manages to be an affordable option compared to the others.

Here’s what the number one electric bicycle has to offer:

  • Speed: The maximum speed on the Cyclamatic CX2 is about 15 mph, which is all you need for around the cities.
  • Three Assist Modes: These modes are labeled pretty simply – low, medium and high. Set it to however much you want it to assist you. Remember, though, that a higher setting will drain more battery.
  • Travel Distance: For every full charge, this electric bicycle can take you anywhere from 25–31 miles. That’s pretty far!
  • Storage: The CX2 also comes with a luggage storage on the back and is great for those traveling with bags, briefcases, or even lunch boxes.
  • Battery: Consistent with the rest, this option also includes a lithium–ion 36V battery.
  • Foldable: Like the first option, this electric bicycle is great for storage because it folds into a smaller size.
  • Price: Finally, the price. You can get this great electric bicycle for about $550.

Electric Bicycles Are Great for Commuting and Mountains

Whether you are traveling in the cities to and from work or school, or if you’re going up and down the slopes at the most difficult bike paths in the world, an electric bicycle can give the extra power to make it a more pleasant ride.

And seriously, riding through the busy streets of metropolitan areas is MUCH easier when getting a boost every pedal.

Or… if you want to slack on the pedaling for a little bit and let the bike do all the work, that’s fine too and completely doable with the options listed above.

Believe me, after a 10 hour shift it won’t sound as bad.

But good luck on your search, and we hope you find the electric bicycle you’re looking for!

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