The Segway Scooter is an oft-underappreciated modern form of transportation. It’s held a public association for years with mall cops, Silicon Valley figureheads, tech-industry experts, and the like.

While this correlation between the Segway Scooter and niche members of societies has some merit, what’s often ignored are the large-scale benefits that it has to offer to a wider audience.

Here’s What You Should Know About the Segway Scooter

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The Segway Scooter offers an incredible versatility to many personal, business, and recreational fields with a design and function that should not be underestimated by appearance alone.

What’s most important, however, is that Segway Scooters are a green source of transportation, utilizing only electricity to power their vehicles and thus, makes them a forefront contender in the transportation game, especially for personal vehicles.

Increased Efficiency

Well known companies like Amazon have the reputation for employing workers in massive factories with very little option for their workers to conveniently navigate their way through on anything besides their own two feet. Alternative modes of transportation, such as golf carts, generally prove to be too clunky to effectively navigate the factory floor without running into obstructions or taking up valuable space.

The Segway Scooter is the perfect answer to a rampant transportation issue. While perhaps not a viable option for the general mass of workers, a scooter given to important figures like supervisors and managers equips them with the flexibility to reach any corner of the factory quickly and with as little energy expended as possible to help address issues that may arise. An increase in efficiency means a better return on investment, leading to an increase in profits.

This manner of efficiency is not limited to factory settings. Malls, schools, hospitals: anywhere with an expansive campus needs transportation for that area to be covered effectively by employees, customer, or security.

Enhanced Exploration

Touring a city is exhausting. There are too many places to see, with not enough hours in the day, and all you have to go on is a pair of tennis shoes wearing down by the step.

Utilizing the Segway Scooter effectively, any tourist would be capable of exploring a much greater portion of Rome, Paris, or Florence without ending the day with disappointment or aching feet. Segway Scooters can provide a more fulfilling and holistic experience of the world while negating the adverse effects of spending long hours on your feet.

Even on your home turf, they can provide an expedited kick in your step for your daily chores. For instance, a walk to the store could be a time halved with a scooter speeding you on your way, or a jaunt to the library hastened. There’s nothing stopping a Segway Scooter from improving the speed, efficiency, and convenience of the routine that only an electric vehicle can offer.

The Benefits of a Segway Scooter

segway scooter

First and foremost, Segway Scooters are entirely battery-powered, which replaces most other forms of competitive transportation by both removing the need for fossil fuels and undue exertion from its user.

Bikes, skateboards, and traditional scooters provide a similar experience but require energy and their ability to maintain speed and control is entirely reliant on the skill of the rider. Segway Scooters, by comparison, can consistently maintain their speed without exhausting their driver and have a very short learning curve to become adept at operating them.

The breakdown is a quick, easily learned form of transportation that’s fully green and greatly versatile for most any terrain. They are also easily chargeable at any accessible and convenient wall outlet.

What About Its Speed

Thankfully, Segway Scooters aren’t altogether that fast. Could you imagine speeding down the sidewalk at 30 miles per hour, knocking people to the side in a mad dash to the CVS for a pack of cigarettes and mints? Of course not.


The scooters have two settings: beginner and standard. Driving a Segway takes some getting used to if you’ve never operated one before, so before jumping ahead to standard, it may behoove any users to get acclimated to the beginner setting first. Respectively, they come at around 6 mph to 12 mph per setting, both a fairly leisurely pace to make sure you won’t hurt yourself or anyone else.

What’s the Difference Between an x2 and an i2

What’s interesting about Segway Scooters is that they come in all models.  There’s the traditional i2 scooter, intended for general travel between buildings, classrooms, across floors and structures. Then there’s the scooter, the x2, that’s intended for construction environments and rough terrain, specifically designed to handle the unpaved ground.


The i2 is intended for office and climate-controlled use, basically. Places inside, or on paved roads and the like, and so is designed best to fit these conditions. They’re lightweight, easily seen in the dark with gliding lights, are easy to store and provide the longest battery life since they’re so lightweight.


The x2, by comparison, is much more heavy-duty inclined than its i2 counterpart. Equipped with ATV wheels, this Segway Scooter is designed for rough roads, such as farms, construction sites, anywhere that isn’t paved or smooth for easy travel.


As such, with bigger wheels and a design befitting rough terrain, the x2 is heavier and not quite as easy to store, as well as losing out on half the mileage its counterpart has. However, it’s capable of doing a job the i2 would have no chance in.

How Far Does It Go

segway scooter - childrens scooter

Depends on the model of which Segway offers many. However, by the specs of its primary models, the x2 and the i2, they can respectively go up to 12 miles and 24 miles on a single charge. That is all, of course, dependent on terrain and usage of the Segway Scooters, which may vary.


As a fun addendum, the Segway Scooter will also recharge itself on inclines, so if you live in a place with lots of slopes and hills, one of these puppies may do you good.


How Do the Scooters Work

A Segway Scooter is a two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation device designed to do everything in its power to keep you from falling. The scooter uses a combination of sensors and motors to detect the force you exert on the scooter and then responds by exerting an opposing force to prevent you from falling.


By using the lean of the user in any direction they so choose, the scooter is able to maintain an upright, stable position while traveling forward without toppling. Turning and moving to the side employs the same concept, utilizing various gyroscopes in the wheelhouse to interpret your movement.

Is It Safe to Use

This is a frequent question that pops up among new Segway users. The best advice that can be given for riding a Segway is probably quite obvious: always keep your hands on the handle. The handle is what is used to steer and balance the vehicle, and without it, you’re keen to fall and hurt yourself. So long as you keep a firm grip, you should be fine.


There are a few other things to keep in mind, most notably: A scooter is not a car. They are not designed for road conditions, and practicing these vehicles on any roadways should be discouraged. As long as you are on the road, you are a hazard to both oncoming cars and pedestrians who may be involved in any accidents involving your vehicle. Keep it on the sidewalks, it’s safer.


Also keep in mind about how much weight is on the scooter, as most have a weight limit of 260 pounds. If you weigh more than that or are carrying heavy material on your back, it’ll be safer taking separate transportation rather than risking breaking the Segway Scooter and possibly hurting yourself in the process.


As long as maintenance is kept on the vehicle, the Segway Scooter should be perfectly safe to ride. Just in case, however, it’s always better to wear a helmet should the unexpected happen.

How Much Does It Cost

That will vary by model and location, whether it’s being purchased overseas, between states, or in your own cities. Generally, depending on which model is being purchased, Segway Scooters are available between mid 100’s of dollars up to several thousand for higher quality versions. Whether they’re purchased as a business expense or for your own personal use, they’re an investment to be made.

segway scooter

Is the Segway Scooter for You?

The greatest aspect the Segway Scooter has in its defense is providing easy, efficient personalized transportation that functions entirely on electricity, negating any reliance on gasoline and the like to keep it running.


More than that, however, is Segway’s years of history as a reputable, trusted company, meaning these scooters are liable to be resilient and contain years of use before needing repair. As a product and an electric vehicle, they’re efficient, but require just a little bit of practice and care while operating them before you’re zipping around on your daily trek to wherever.

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